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We don’t believe in rating a hotel, instead, we believe in reviewing or rating a specific food.

Our Team

Nanda Kishor K N

Founder  &  Chief Food Blogger – Bangalore South, ReviewFood.net

Webmaster, Java Enthusiast, Enterprise Portal Developer, Foodie, Traveller, Toastmaster, SEO, SMO, WordPress Fan, Loves  Photography, Veggie Lover, Ex-Sun Employee, Proud Dad, Bangalorean, An INDIAN. He has passion for building stronger online communities and aiming to build a high traffic websites which is informative yet useful to as many people as possible.

He loves to explore any veg food as long as it is tasty, good quality and value for money. Mom made Puliyogare is his all-time favourite.

Deepak Rajanikanth

Chief Food Blogger – Bangalore Central & Bangalore East, ReviewFood.net

Deepak Rajanikanth is a true blue Bangalorean who loves food, books, trekking and movies. Works at a MNC where he develops iOS apps during the day and explores new restaurants at night.

He enjoys a lot of cuisines but Thai cuisine and Mangalorean cuisine are his favourites. Mom made Bisi Bele Bath will always be close to his stomach and heart!

Rakesh R

Chief Food Blogger – Bangalore West, ReviewFood.net

Over the past 10 years, I’ve been fortunate enough to work with various segments and technologies of IT to explore and meet many new people. I’ve taught people move towards Virtualization from traditional server approach.

Whenever the topic comes towards food… I consider myself as a foodie who love to explore all types of food at various places and refer these locations to other people, share and enjoy their feedback. He loves mom made Chitranna the most and he is a die-hard fan of Biryani.

Kiran Ramaprasad

Chief Food Blogger – Bangalore North, ReviewFood.net

A hungry engineer always craving for aromatic and tasty vegetarian food. Mechanical concept designer by profession works at a Japanese firm for hydraulics. He has a passion for building things from junk.

When food is the topic of discussion he gets into the state of trance, the probability of combinations of vibrant colours, aromas, proportions with exact time and temperature starts to question his taste buds. His all time favourite is mom made Masala Akki Rotti, (yes, you are right the round flat crispy on the bottom soft on the top gives a burst of flavours when you give a first bite).

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