City - Pin Code Bangalore - 560004
Location Gandhi Bazaar
Nearest Landmark Opposite to Canara Bank or Near Roti Ghar
Restaurant Type A/C Service Restaurant
Address Opposite to Pai Vinod Party Hall
Gandhi Bazaar Main Road

Sizzler @ Shiv Sagar, Gandhi Bazaar
Sizzler @ Shiv Sagar, Gandhi Bazaar

 About Food 

Sizzler Brownie Ice Cream


Shiv Sagar, Gandhi Bazaar



  • Whenever you go to Shiv Sagar, most likely you will see some other customer ordering for Sizzler and waiter serving it on their table grabs the attention for sure
  • Sizzler brownie ice cream shouldn’t be missed
  • Looking at Sizzler pic or brownie sizzler on other’s table – Mouth watering, Isn’t it ?
  • Chocolate syrup will be poured onto the hot plate / metal sizzler that contains brownie cake and ice cream. You’ll see smoke emitting and choco bubbles. Time to attack brownie sizzler now……….SlrrrrrP
  • As the plate is too hot, The metal sizzler is often set on top of a wooden plank before it is being served.


 About Restaurant 

Shiv Sagar

Gandhi Bazaar




  • One of the BEST  Pure Vegetarian service restaurant in Basavanagudi or Bangalore South
  • Both A/C and Non-A/C restaurant. In A/C room, they can accommodate less people compared to Non-A/C restaurant
  • This restaurant is favourite for both young and old generation due to the varieties it offers.
  • Serves South Indian, North Indian, Chinese, Mexican, Italian, etc
  • Located in the Gandhi Bazaar main road opposite to Canara Bank ATM or Pai Vinod Party Hall

  • CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 Sizzler Brownie Ice Cream @ Shiv Sagar, Gandhi Bazaar, Basavanagudi by : Search by Food is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


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